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I ordered an orchid in 2016 in the sealed jar and it's doing wonderful. I keep it on my desk at work and receive many compliments. I just placed my second order for 4 more to give as gifts!

I just received my Psygmorchis in the mail and am very pleased with the plant I am the President of The Orchid Society of AZ and like to try different ways of growing Orchids. One of our members saw it on line and sent the web site too me.

Thanks for the fast service Julie Rathbun
Orchid Society of AZ
Julie Rathbun
I ordered one orchid in April for my mother in law for her birthday and I received one for Mother's day. They looked so different, it turned out that the one I got for my MIL was damaged. I called about it in July and told the very nice man about it. He said just send my the address of where I wanted a new one to go. It came so fast. The customer service was outstanding. I love my Orchid Gene!!! So very cute!!!! Thank you so very much!! My MIL loves her new one!!!

I was noticing some people were doing reviews in exchange for an orchid. I was hoping you would tell me where I can find your promotion to do that.

I would love to do reviews for you in exchange for orchids. I can do Videos, Facebook, Amazon, etc etc

Thank you
Tonya Horvath
I ordered an orchid in the lidded jar and when it came in, it was adorable. It did not, however, look like it was growing all. I put in my review from Amazon, as requested, and stated the above. I was still happy with my little mini plant in a jar. I immediately received an email asking to send a picture of the plant, which I did.
Again, pretty quickly, I received another email telling me they thought the plant might have been cold during shipping and they were sending me another plant.!!!

My new little plant came in and when I put the 2 of them together, I could tell what they meant about the first one maybe getting cold during shipping. I never would have known that but they did as soon as they looked at the photo I sent.

I have NEVER had such good customer service from any place I have ordered from before... Holy smoke this place is awesome!!

I will definitely order from Orchid Gene again

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