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We are Orchid Gene, professional plant scientists who focus on developing easy to grow and non-maintenance plants for plant lovers. We have a group of research scientists in a state-of-the-art plant biotechnology. All our plants are non-GMO and we develop them with molecular biology and biochemistry techniques.

Our Goal

Helping everyone enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers without any trouble. We produce plants in our professional tissue culture laboratory, with our scientists and designers trained to build our products such that they grow vigorously in lovely glass containers.

Product Description

At this time, our products include the Venus flytrap, sundew, and orchid, while we also intend to include rose, sunflower and more orchid varieties into our selling list. These plants have a beautiful outlook which people find fascinating and endearing, but some of them are very hard or impossible to grow in indoor areas. For some species, people require special knowledge to grow the vulnerable plants. However with our innovation, all of these problems are eliminated and are no longer a source of concern for plant lovers anymore. You don’t have to worry about how to take care of your plants and they can grow in a glass bottle without watering or feeding, and will stay alive for months, even up to a year in the jar.

The plants will be annually green and will display vigorous growth because we made a growing medium to boost plant growth. If you are flower lovers, we will provide rose, sunflower and orchids, which will bloom in glass jars. Plants will become miniature (about 3 inches height), but will still be able to produce beautiful flowers. You do not need growing tips for these plants, simply put it on your desk or in your living room to decorate your work area.


It does not require soil or water and this makes it impossible to mess up your desk with water or soil. In addition, you don’t need to worry about bugs and unlike soil, the growing medium can be transparent or colored as you like. The plants sit in containers that only take limited space and will remain green all year long. No growing technique is required; our plants grow without additional nutrition or water. We guarantee that the plants can grow in their containers for a very long time.

Environmental Care

Our company is in collaboration with Uttaradit Rajabhat University in Thailand. We have research projects focusing on the restoration of endangered plants, and we are working on the mircopropagation of nearly extinct species in order to plant them back in the wild. When you purchase our product, part of the money will be diverted into the budget to save plants and make the earth greener.

Plant Tissue Culture

Plant tissue culture is wildly used to produce plants in modern agriculture. The technique has several purposes, including quickly producing mature plants, micropropagation at 100% identity, regeneration of plants from one single cell and the production of GMO plants, Plant tissue culture requires growing plants without any pathogen (bacteria, virus, and fungus).

Our company introduces this modern technique to everyone by providing you with hard to grow plants and miniature flowers. If you are interested in plant tissue culture, you are very welcome to ask us any question and we will be glad to answer.

Order Now

It is simple to order our products by contacting us today. They make great gifts and are an attractive addition to any home or office.