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Orchid Gene, LLC Orchid Gene, LLC
Orchid Gene, LLC Orchid Gene, LLC

Orchid Gene, LLC Welcomes You

If you love live plants but don’t have a green thumb, try the unique, maintenance free plants from online retailer Orchid Gene, LLC in Morrisville, NC. Professional scientists develop these unique, carnivorous plants using molecular biology and biochemistry techniques. The plant grows in a specially designed container and can even grow in a glass bottle. This is better than a terrarium as it is clear and no maintenance is required. The plant can continue to grow without watering for months. Don’t settle for an ordinary plant that requires regular care get beautiful orchids, roses and Venus flytraps.

Learn More about Our Non-Maintenance Plants

Our plant scientists want to bring the beauty of plants to those who don’t have much time to dedicate to plant care. Find out more about our amazing plants.